Thank whatever deity you may believe in for the return of both androgyny and people of color to rock music. Or just listen to Tony & the Kiki...A new group capable of astounding and exciting range.

Anthemic ... [Tony & The Kiki] will make you want to set the world ablaze.”
(About Light It Up)

Desafiando las nociones rígidas de lo que constituye la música latina, [Tony & The Kiki] pretende liberar al público de las malas vibraciones que impregnan la sociedad actual y reemplazarlas con una pizca mágica de ‘camp’ futurista.
—El Diario

We've fallen in love with queer rockers Tony & the Kiki... Lead singer Anthony Alfaro has vocals that recall those of grunge giant Chris Cornell and style that channels Dee Snyder at his most outrageous.

A joyful bilingual rager celebrating queerness and freedom of expression... brimming with sex appeal, cleverly focused like a laser beam.
(About Extra Express)
—Pancakes and Whiskey

EXTRA EXPRESS is an anthem for the ages. With an energy that can get anyone up on their feet, the track boasts fantastic, wide-ranging vocals, and enough edge to really breathe new life into your day. The video is entrancing, depicting Alfaro with a backdrop of bright, flashy colors and images as a call to authenticity oozes from every facet of production.
(About Extra Express)
—Imperfect Fifth

It’s a barn-burning, head-banging ode to living out loud and indulging in fabulousness…Lead singer Anthony Alfaro channels the hairy-chested glam of Freddie Mercury…
(About Extra Express)